About Indian Runner Duck

Indian Runner Ducks

The Indian Runner Duck are quite interesting; They are able to stand on one leg and rather then waddling like normal ducks, they run, hence their name Indian Runner Duck. Females can lay roughly 300 to 350 eggs a year. They’re laying habits depend on the exhibition or utility strain. These magnificent ducks were found on the Indonesian Island of Lombok, and Java, and Bali where they were mainly used for their meat. This breed of duck unlike many others do not fly and they very rarely form nest or incubate their own eggs, because they do not stay in one spot for very long it leads to them often dropping their eggs wherever they happen to be.

The Indian Runner Duck weight may vary from 3.1 to 5.1 ponds and their height ranges from 20 inches in small females to about 30 inches in males. The bone structure of these birds are different from most, the pelvic girdle is more towards the tail area unlike most breeds. This allows Indian Runner ducks to walk or run instead of waddle. An Indian Runner Duck’s eggs are often a greenish-white color. Determining the sex of these birds can be difficult until they are fully matured, one way of determining sex is the drakes (male) have a curl on the tip of their tail and the hen (female) has a flat tail. Another way is that the female is the only one that quacks and the male is limited to a hoarse whisper compared to table ducks.

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Eggs / Dozzen$5.00
Chicks / Each (New Born)$5.00
Hens / Each
Drakes / Each